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İnternational Relations



Privileges of Studying This Department at Arel;

It consists of compulsory and elective courses in English. 75 percent of the courses are compulsory courses and 25 percent are elective courses. Courses such as introduction to international relations and political science, which are the basic courses of the field, international relations theories, foreign policy, comparative politics, political history, current political life, international politics and security, as well as law, economics/business and sociology courses that form the basis for international relations analysis are compulsory. Additionally, area studies are offered as four separate courses. With these courses, the political, social, economic and military developments of the regions in Turkey’s area of interest (Balkans, Caucasus, Central Asia, Africa, Middle East, Asia-Pacific) are examined. Elective courses consist of two rich pools: departmental and university electives. Among the elective courses; Country courses examining global and regional actors such as the USA, Russia, China, conflict and peace studies, war studies, geopolitics, strategy, globalization, social movements, environment, migration, gender, artificial intelligence applications, media and politics, etc. There are courses to cover the topics. Elective course pools have a flexible structure and are updated according to new developments, stakeholder demands and changing needs.


Within the scope of the program, our students are always encouraged to conduct research and development, take innovative initiatives in politics and international relations, and are given opportunities to participate in social responsibility and social development support projects. In addition, we aim to ensure that all students are prepared for positions such as director, presenter, moderator, panelist / speaker and editor in courses and related scientific / academic activities, as well as encouraging our students to take an active part in department clubs. The English-Turkish monthly magazine called Arel IR Monthly, which covers developments in international politics, is prepared and published by department students.

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