4. Türkçe Muafiyet Sınavı Hakkında İngilizce

4. Türkçe Muafiyet Sınavı Hakkında İngilizce



The first session of the Proficiency Exam will be on 20.09.2022 Amphi 3 (230th Classroom)  Monday at 10.00 as a written exam. Students who became successful can attend the oral exam which will take place on 29.09.2022 Thursday afternoon.

Students must get a total of 70 points in 4 skills to be exempt from preparation. If students score less than 15 out of 25 in any of the listening , speaking, reading and writing, they have to study preparation class for 1 year.

Studentd who wish to study preparation class directly does not need to attend the Proficieny exam.

Proficiency exam will be held in 4 (four) session.

Each group has “Group Officer” and “ Group Supervisor”. It is strictly forbidden to talk to “Group Responsible” and /or “Group     Supervisor”.

Passing grade for the students who study associate and undergraduate, is 60 out of 100; for Master Degree Doctorate students it is 80 out of 100. Students who can not score the stated points fail the exam. Students who don’t attend any of the exams will be count as failed.

Speaking exam will be face to face with professors for 10 minute long Q&A. In this question and answer part, B2 for associate and undergraduate students; C1 level speaking skills will be sought for graduate and doctorate students and Medical Faculty students.

Detailed announcement about the speaking exam will be published after the written exam.

There is going to be ID card and passport check before both of the exams students who don’t bring their ID cards and passports can not attend the exam.

During the exam it is strictly forbidden to use any kind of mobile device such as mobile phone, smart watches, any kind of headphone. If you have any of these with you , you should hand them to the supervisors otherwise you will be accepted as cheated.

It is strictly forbidden to leave exam class during the exam.

In case of violation of any of the rules or in case of doubt, the exam may be canceled by the Group Officer. Cheating, attempting, taking the exam instead of the student..etc. In such cases, the exam of the relevant student is canceled and action is taken in accordance with the relevant articles of the ‘Discipline Directive’.

Grading will be 25% of the writing test, 25% of the grammar test, 25% of the reading test, and 25% of the total of the listening test and speaking test.

The exam will be organized in the form of fill-in-the-blank, true-false, long and short-answer questions, and ranking questions. Exam results will be announced on the announcement page of the university within a week.

You can send an e-mail to mehmetaltinova@arel.edu.tr or aliorhan@arel.edu.tr adresses for detailed informations or questions.

Students who attend the exam counts as agreed the information above. 19.09.2022


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