About Summer School Financial Registration

About Summer School Financial Registration


Based on the applications made between 03.07.2023 and 07.07.2023, the list of courses in the Summer School is presented below.

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Students who apply to the Summer School must complete their financial and course registration between 10.07.2023 and 14.07.2023.

Details of summer school registration procedures are listed below;

• Summer school registration process will be concluded after the financial registration process is completed.

• Students must complete their financial registration on the http://arelim.arel.edu.tr/tr/odeme page.

• Students can make your payment by credit card (single payment or maximum 3 installments), money transfer and EFT methods.

• Financial registration will be completed after the inspection and approval of the authorized personnel.

• Students can follow your financial approval process athttp://arelim.arel.edu.tr

• If you have any problems with the financial registration process, you can send an e-mail toogrencimuhasebesi@arel.edu.tr.

• After financial approval, your course registration will be finalized by the Registrar’s Office.

• Students can follow your course registration process from the Student Information System (Proliz).

• If you have any problems with course registration, you can send an e-mail to hasanmutlu@arel.edu.tr.

We wish you success.