Accounting and Financial Management



The Educational Process


The accounting profession, which has existed for thousands of years, has been constantly developing in parallel with the development of science, technology and commerce. In the global economic order dominating in the 21st century, investors need information on many subjects such as accounting, finance, tax legislation, which are subject to businesses in the countries they will invest in. With the commercial and industrial activities of multinational companies all over the world, which is one of the most important results of the globalization phenomenon, the importance of professionals who will provide financial consultancy services in accounting, finance and tax issues has increased.


Globalization obliges the implementation of accounting, supervision and ethical standards at the international level in the accounting profession. The need for accurate and objective transfer of information about the financial structures of enterprises to the relevant parties (business managers, investors, government, banks, credit institutions, employees, etc.) increases the public importance of accounting. Accounting supervision is of great importance in the fight against corruption in a country. With the entry into force of the new Turkish Commercial Code, the need for professionals to conduct audits has increased in our country.


In the Department of Accounting and Financial Management; In addition to basic courses such as accounting, finance, tax, audit in theory and practice, the necessary training is provided in the fields of law, business administration, economics at a level that can meet the requirements of the profession.


Accounting and Financial Management Department aims to train financial advisors, auditors, accounting and finance management specialists, intermediate and senior managers who have advanced theoretical and applied knowledge on the issues related to its field, attach importance to human relations and are sensitive to current events and the environment, are open to innovations and development, are competitive, can foresee the opportunities in its field, can make the right decision in difficult conditions, adopt continuous learning as a principle, can operate in the public and private sectors or independently.



During the 4-year educational process, students are trained at the international level with outstanding academicians in the professional field. In the first year, the basic courses required for the department are given. In the 2nd year, besides the basic courses, courses such as Environmental Protection, Occupational Health and Safety, Professional Responsibility and Ethics, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, Quality Assurance and Quality Management Systems, Research Methods are offered, which aim to provide our students with a competitive advantage by improving their competencies.


In the 3rd and 4th years, vocational courses are given mainly. English translation, reporting, commercial correspondence methods and procedures aimed at the effective use of English in the field of accounting and management are taught within the scope of the Professional English course. It is mandatory for our students to practice at work for 30 working days. In this way, our students will adapt to working life by developing the skills of applying the knowledge they have learned at university to business life.


If our students meet the necessary conditions, they can benefit from a minor or double major program with other departments in the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences. In addition, they can have the opportunity to get to know different cultures and gain a broad vision by continuing some of their studies at universities where our university has made student exchange agreements within the framework of the Erasmus Program.


In our department, during the 4-year education and training period, the knowledge and experience of experts in their field from various sectors are brought together with our students to contribute to their career development.



Job Opportunities

Graduates of the Department of Accounting and Financial Management are employed in the accounting, finance, audit departments of all enterprises operating in the public sector or private sector, in national and international organizations, in the banking and insurance sector with the titles of manager and assistant manager. Graduates can become independent accountants, public accountant, provided that they pass the professional competency exam, and then certified public accountant, provided that they meet the necessary conditions. Moreover, students can make an academic career by completing their master’s and doctoral studies after graduation, and they can work as academicians in universities.

About the Department