Faculty of Health Sciences

Aims and Objectives Of The Program

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation




Our goal is to train hysiotherapists, who work in private and public institutions by using their advanced knowledge and skills in the provision of preventive physiotherapy services for the health needs of the individual, family and society, in the implementation of the evaluation and treatment program in case of illness, cooperate interdisciplinary in the field of health, research, lifelong learners, and observe ethical values intended to educate.



1. Having advanced theoretical and applied knowledge in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation (KNOWLEDGE).

2. Training individuals who plan the physiotherapy program that evaluates using evidence-based knowledge and skills and applies physiotherapy methods using the relevant technology (SKILL).

3. Protecting and improving health for the individual, family and society through interdisciplinary studies (SKILL).

4. Analyzing and synthesizing approaches, methods and procedures related to activities in the field of physiotherapy in integrity (SKILL).

5. Taking responsibility for the creation and implementation of plans, projects and policies related to the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation (COMPETENCE).

6. Adopting life-long learning, developing new ideas, giving importance to quality, evaluating information sources with a critical approach (COMPETENCE).

7. Communicating effectively with the individual, family, society and colleagues and informing them (COMPETENCE).

8. Following the developments in the field of health, taking responsibility by using their knowledge and skills (COMPETENCE).

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