Faculty of Communication

Aims And Objectives Of The Program

Cinema and Television



The aim of the Cinema and Television Department is to train experienced academicians who are experts in their fields, as well as to train communication specialists equipped with advanced theoretical and technical knowledge and skills who can take part in all areas of the sector.



Provide students with versatile skills so that they can take part in all areas of the sector within the scope of the program.

Gain theoretical knowledge and aesthetic perspective to design and produce effective products.

Enable students to take part in the sector as experts supported by advanced technology.

Enable students to have the ability to think in different fields of social sciences and to adapt them into their own specialized practices and to conduct research when necessary.

Enable students to be innovative, researcher and entrepreneur.

Ensure that students become individuals who have social and ethical responsibility, can communicate effectively with their environment, and adopt continuous learning as a principle.

Ensure that students are trained as designers and specialists in institutions operating in similar fields in addition to the field of cinema and television.

About the Department