Anesthesiology and Reanimation



The Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation is a medical specialty that is among the surgical clinical sciences and requires 5 years of education. In our country, anesthesiology was included in the Medical Specialization Regulation No. 4/6379, which entered into force with the Official Gazette dated January 20, 1956 and numbered 9212, and officially started to give specialty diplomas. The first two physicians to specialize in this field were Dr. Sadi Sun and Dr. Cemalettin Öner. In the following years, the branches of intensive care and algology, which developed with the efforts and studies of the specialists of the department of anesthesiology and reanimation, became two minor specialties of anesthesiology. By definition, anesthesiology is the branch of science that prevents the patient from feeling pain before, during and after any surgical or diagnostic intervention, monitors vital functions and ensures that the intervention in question is completed in a healthy manner.


Among the fields of study of anesthesiology, the first place is to evaluate the patient by organizing the necessary examinations and consultations before the operation of the patients who will undergo any kind of diagnostic or therapeutic intervention or surgery, planned or emergency, inside or outside the operating room, and to bring the patient to the best possible condition before the procedure. The second priority is to prevent the patient from experiencing pain during surgery, to monitor and follow up vital functions, and to perform necessary interventions. In addition, it is among the responsibilities of the anesthesiologist to maintain patient care, especially pain control after surgery, and to compile the patient, to perform emergency intervention and resuscitation procedures when necessary.


In addition to perioperative patient care, anesthesiologists are also responsible for the setup and management of intensive care units, teaching and supervision of cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedures to all healthcare personnel. Anesthesiology specialists are trained to manage an anesthesiology and intensive care clinic, to train, supervise and evaluate medical and paramedical personnel related to anesthesia and intensive care treatment, and to conduct clinical and basic science research on topics such as physiological functions, drug interactions and patient care.

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