Applied English and Translation Program



It has become a necessity to learn at least one foreign language well in the written and verbal stages in the globalizing world and in the European Union membership process in which our country is located. In addition, the need for translators who are proficient in written and verbal terms is increasing every day nowadays. Our mission is to train employees who have acquired the skills to fill this gap that exists in the professional sense at an adequate level.


In addition, our students who have graduated from our department are trained in such a way that they are sufficient to communicate verbally and in writing in all kinds of fields where a foreign language is needed. After receiving a year of compulsory English Preparatory education, two years of studying in all kinds of fields that they will encounter in business life (economics, politics, social sciences, engineering, commerce, technology, etc.) they develop their translation skills by learning and applying the theories, approaches and methods necessary to make all kinds of translations (written, consecutive, simultaneous, news translation).


Moreover, to support translation-based course content, additional studies are carried out in which students can improve their reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. In this way, students are provided with the ability to translate from English into Turkish, from Turkish into English, and to work in different sectors with foreign language requirements.


Our students, who have completed their two-year associate degree education, can teach in primary schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, private teaching institutions and language courses, or they can do vertical transfer (DGS) to Translation and Interpretation (English), English Linguistics, English Language and Literature, American Culture and Literature, English Language Teaching, English Language Teaching, Linguistics undergraduate programs and can work as instructors in institutions and organizations affiliated to both MEB (Ministry of National Education) and YÖK (Council of Higher Education).


The goal of the Applied English and Translation Program;

The aim of the program is to raise individuals who think analytically about all kinds of practices and activities required by the fields of translation and English Language, take the responsibility to do in line with the determined quality criteria, are aware of their environment, country and world by improving themselves socially, are able to establish a constructive and correct communication with their environment by gaining effective communication skills, have gained the competence to learn by grasping the learning vision in a real sense. It is aimed to train qualified human resources capable of using at least one foreign language effectively and fluently, capable of translation during Turkey’s membership in the European Union.


The main qualifications that we aim our students to gain within the scope of our program are;

To use the theoretical knowledge gained in the fields of Translation and English Language, working in accordance with the quality standards related to the field, being aware of business ethics, morality and environmental factors, to gain the competence to constantly update their knowledge by following technological changes and innovations, including the vision of Lifelong Learning, to strengthen self-confidence by communicating correctly and positively with third parties by improving communication skills, to develop social, moral and ethical values in a positive way by being aware of his/her responsibilities towards his/her country, business and other people.


It is aimed that the students who will graduate from the Applied English and Translation Program will work as;

  • Translators in translation offices,
  • Freelance translators,
  • Contract teachers,
  • Qualified personnel who speak a foreign language in all sectors with international studies.


Vertical Transfer Exam

The Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS) is an exam that allows associate degree graduates to transfer to 4-year undergraduate programs. Graduates of the Applied English and Translation Program have the opportunity to transfer to many undergraduate programs located under different faculties with DGS. Thus, they can obtain a bachelor’s degree in addition to their associate degree diploma.