Architecture Program



The main objectives of Architecture Graduate Programs are to be able to examine different perspectives in the field of architecture; to be able to produce various alternative solutions to problems and to train them; to propose and to conduct interdisciplinary research, drawing on the intersections of the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences; to emphasize, directly or indirectly, the interaction between theory and practice in architectural studies; to teach to use different researches, approaches and methods, methods and techniques.


The purpose of the program is the development of different approaches, strategies and models on design, theory/criticism and practice in architecture, rethinking issues such as spatial experience, environmental meaning, urban memory, image, identity, aesthetics and ethics within the framework of current dynamics, questioning the interdisciplinary structure in human-environment relations, evaluating spatial relations of the city, culture, politics, economy, etc. critically by considering their contexts.


Understanding and interpreting architecture in relation to different disciplines, the development of new design strategies related to architectural design education and the production of architectural design knowledge. Along with all this, it is aimed that the experience gained in the program can be developed in relation to theory / knowledge and theoretical knowledge aimed at practice.


In the Architecture Doctoral Program, the education of the fields of science, which are

  • Architectural Design
  • Building Technologies
  • Urban
  • Restoration
  • History of Architecture, is provided.


Lecturer Dr. Gülferah ÇORAPÇIOĞLU
Head of Department