Autodesk Training Academy



Autodesk Training Academy is a service offered by İstanbul Arel University to academic staff and students. Thanks to this service, they will be able to download licensed Autodesk software for free. After entering the address, http://www.autodesk.com/education/free-software/all , the account must first be opened.


In order to open a new account, click on the ‘Education Community’ link.


Click on the “enterprise account” link and enter your membership information.


If you are an academic staff member, you should enter the ‘Email’ section as namesurname@arel.edu.tr, or if you are a student, you should enter as studentno@istanbularel.edu.tr. In this system, you set a password yourself.


After your account is active, you will enter into the system by clicking on the


‘Sign in’ link and entering your e-mail address and the password you have specified.


After entering the system, you can download and use the Autodesk software you want from the ‘Free Software’ link during the licensing period allowed by the institution.