Business Management Program



This program is designed for all students from different undergraduate studies and there are no work experience prerequisites for application. It is suitable for students who want to studying for Business Administration Master’s Program while gaining professional work experience in business life. The Master’s Program in Business Management with Thesis/Non-thesis is a 3-semester program. Students are accepted each year in the Fall and Spring semesters.


Students, who are admitted to the program, attend classes with a limited group of registered students and can choose the courses they want to take from a variety of electives. The elective courses of the program offer students the opportunity to concentrate their postgraduate studies in certain areas according to their career plans, and to choose the most suitable courses for this. The content definitions of the courses can be examined to learn more about the courses. By arranging the course selections in this way, the postgraduate student can concentrate their postgraduate studies in one or more areas, or they can create a wider field of study for themselves by choosing a wide range of elective courses.


Istanbul Arel University Business Administration Master’s Program is designed to provide the educational foundation for students who have the potential to become successful professional managers of the future. One of the prerequisites for participating in the program is to become a bachelor’s degree graduate. Students who have successfully completed the program are expected to:


  1. Complete and integrated knowledge of the basic concepts, tools and theories of professional management,
  2. Behavioral and analytical skills needed to be able to deal with the business and the problems of the business creatively and effectively,
  3. The ability to understand the economic, political, technological and social environments in which enterprises operate,
  4. Professional and personal accuracy and an understanding of social responsibility in both internal and external managerial affairs of the enterprise.


Business Administration Master’s Program offers a very wide variety for each student to shape their course program for the best preparation for their chosen career or job. Although it is not obligatory to concentrate on a specific area in the program, many students prefer to concentrate their course programs in the following market-oriented areas. Students can concentrate on one or a few areas according to their needs and desires, or they can choose a variety of electives and pursue their postgraduate studies in a more general business area.