Cartoon and Animation



The goal of the department is to train cartoon designers and animators who are needed in a very wide range of fields such as art, education, cinema, television, and advertising. In order to meet this need qualitatively and quantitatively, the main goal is to train constructive and creative specialists who have the artistic, cultural, technical and technological, knowledge and skills, equipment and qualifications required by the field. There is a need for a sufficient number of cartoon and animation specialists to meet the need, which will increase even more over time.


At the end of the four-year education, cinema language, film, video, animation and multimedia techniques will be taught, and it will be ensured that a well-equipped artist type who will work in various branches of advertising, cinema, multimedia and education sectors will be equipped with both conceptual and technical skills.


Job Opportunities

Graduates can work in the arts, film, video, animation, television, multimedia production companies, advertising agencies as animation designers and visual effects specialists.

About the Department