Child Development



İstanbul Arel University, Department of Child Development aims to train child development professionals who evaluate the cognitive, emotional, motor, language and social developments of children aged 0-18 with normal development, giftedness, developmental problems, and special needs, apply some scales to evaluate development, prepare and implement programs that will help their development according to developmental level of children and also provide consultancy services to families, educators and institutions related to children.Graduates of the department of child development are members of a professional group that are healthier, more emotionally, socially, cognitively and morally developed, live in harmony with their environment, and are also able to think freely and contribute to raising self-confident children.


The curriculum implemented in our department has been prepared in accordance with the criteria of the “National Core Education Program” approved by the Council of Higher Education. The program prepared in this context includes basic courses such as anatomy, physiology, sociology, psychology, nutrition, early intervention, child-oriented family counseling, child mental health, child psychopathology, children’s literature, child and media, development and education of sick children, guidance in early childhood, child health and diseases and child development practices.Graduates of the Department of Child Development can work at pre-school education institutions, special education and rehabilitation centers, elementary schools, secondary schools and high schools, child houses, child support centers, houses of hope affiliated to the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, care, rehabilitation and family counseling centers, public health centers, family health centers, mother-child health and family planning center affiliated to the Ministry of Health, private institutions, hospitals affiliated to state or university, children and youth centers affiliated to the Ministry of Sports and Sports or municipalities, child branch directorates and children’s press and broadcasting organizations of the General Directorate of Security, non-governmental organizations such as UNICEF, psychological counseling and guidance centers, family counseling centers. Graduates of the Department of Child Development can also continue their careers as research assistants and lecturer at universities by completing master’s and doctoral programs.


Our vision is to be a department that brings a different perspective to the field at the national and universal level with its education, research and service practices related to child development in our country, makes significant contributions to science with its studies, and is cited as a resource in the scientific community. Our mission is to provide education, research and practice at international standards in order to raise well-educated qualified child development professionals who have ethical and universal values.


Prof. Dr. Mazlum Çöpür

Head of Child Development Department