Clinical Psychology Program



Today, the stress and competitive environment brought by modern life increases the value attributed to mental health and the need for clinical psychologists. In this context, the need for scientists who will be trained in the field of clinical psychology is increasing day by day.


It is known that the deterioration of a person’s mental health negatively affects her/his functionality in all areas. Individuals with mental health disorders will have difficulties in adapting to social life and will have problems in their daily lives. Clinical psychology reveals the importance of the field as it aims to improve the quality of life of individuals by protecting and improving their mental health.


In the clinical psychology program, it is aimed to train clinical psychology experts who will contribute to raising the health level of the society by specializing in the research and application of existing and new intervention and evaluation methods. For this purpose, a curriculum consisting of lessons has been prepared, including the determination of psychological needs suitable for the needs and conditions of our country, the development of intervention methods, and mental health protection studies.