CoHE Affairs


  • To give opinions and share information on issues within the scope of Law No. 2547 and related legislation,
  • To prepare reports of the unit (Faculty/School/Institute/Department/Center) that will be established or established in Higher Education Academic Organization and submit them to the Presidency of the Council of Higher Education.
  • To submit the proposal files for the opening of the Department/Program to the Presidency of the Council of Higher Education by entering the ABAYS system and to follow the approval process,
  • To follow the Official Gazette and legislation related to universities and to inform those concerned,
  • To ensure the preparation of the necessary files for the general audit of the CoHE, notify the CoHE in a timely manner and to carry out the procedures required during the audit,
  • To ensure that the audit reports sent by the Audit Board of the CoHE are answered,
  • To follow up on university monitoring and evaluation criteria,