CoHE Relations and Editorial Office



CoHE Relations and Editorial Office, which operates under the General Secretariat, aims to ensure that the University’s processes related to the Council of Higher Education (CoHE) are carried out, to follow the norm cadres of the departments, to prepare the announcement of the academic staff needed by the University, to carry out the process until the appointment decree for the recruitment of academic staff (including foreign nationals). In accordance with Articles 40/a-b-c-d and 31 of the Higher Education Law No. 2547, it aims to assign paid lecturers, to prepare the reports of the unit (Faculty / School / Institute / Department / Center) to be established or established in the Academic Organization of Higher Education and submit them to the Presidency of the Council of Higher Education, to take the necessary actions within the framework of the legislation to all correspondence received by the Rectorate from the Higher Education Institution and other institutions. In addition, it aims to create a corporate culture and identity in correspondence by ensuring that information and document exchange is carried out in an effective, fast, and secure manner in accordance with the objectives and policies of the information security management system.


It is a key management unit that carries out its task in written communication with internal and external stakeholders in a transparent, efficient, powerful and reliable manner.