Leasable Areas



Event Reservation and Event Space Renting

Istanbul Arel University hosts conferences, meetings, and other events of public and private sector organizations on three campuses offering event space renting opportunities with convenient transportation facilities.


You can rent many different areas on our campus, including classrooms, meeting room, lecture hall, foyer areas, and conference room.


Our Event Reservation and Event Space Renting Services team provides you with all the support you need to organize a successful event.



To rent any of the spaces on our campuses, you must fill out the Space Reservation Form. After submitting the form, our team will contact you no later than 3 business days. The order of priority that will be taken into account when renting event spaces in accordance with the relevant University policy is as follows:


  • Academic lectures and annual events included in the academic calendar.
  • İstanbul Arel University student clubs events.


The order of application is taken into account when evaluating external organizations that want to rent event space on campuses.


Audiovisual Services 

Arel Media Services provides all the audio-visual equipment you will need for your event, as well as your service needs in this area.


The renter has the authority to use the technological devices (projector and screen) located in the rented area. Equipment other than these is not included in the standard rental price. Other requested technology support services are charged separately. Coordination and planning of such services should be carried out two weeks before the event. Our event coordinators will help you to meet all your technology-based needs.


Before the event, it is necessary to rehearse and test the sound, light and visual presentations.


Our Food and Beverage Services 

Istanbul Arel University provides all food and beverage services with Teyvaş Catering, which it has an agreement with. For more information about Teyvash please click here.


Registration Fees / Food Sales Policy 

The renter cannot receive an entrance fee at the door or sell products or services without the written permission of the Administrative Support and Technical Services Office. (Professional Food Services and sales will be provided only by Teyvaş within the campuses)


Student Clubs, on the other hand, can sell products such as sandwiches, fruit, beverages, etc., within the framework of hygiene rules and on the condition that they are packaged, after obtaining the permission of the Rectorate, the General Secretariat, and the Financial Affairs Office. All approved fees must be received before registration, it is forbidden to charge any fees at the gate.


General Information

Our Room Layout Policy:  Tables and chairs belong to the areas they are in and can be rearranged in line with reasonable needs, provided that the Renter notifies the Administrative Support and Technical Services Office in writing at least one week before the event.


The University cannot guarantee the availability of additional tables and chairs for your event. Planning is carried out in accordance with the university facilities. Responsibility for renting additional tables and chairs belongs to the Lessor.


Our Parking Services: The University has no obligation to the Lessor to provide parking. Guests and invitees of the Lessor will park their vehicles at their own risk. The renter will understand, accept and be responsible for the rules and policies that have found application for the University’s campus and areas.


Our Alcohol Policy: It is forbidden to serve, sell or consume alcohol on our campuses.


Our Internet Access Policy for Visitors and Guests: If you are a visitor of İstanbul Arel University, you can log in to the “Registration with TCKN” tab on the https://www.arel.edu.tr/tr/bilgi-technology-office/hizmetimiz/kblosuz-internet-hizmeti website for wireless internet access. You can use the wireless internet with the password given on the page that will appear.


Our Cancellation Policy: Conditions in the Istanbul Arel University rental agreement will apply to all cancellations made after the agreements signed for the event space reservation.


Our Space Availability Policy: Event space availability is determined after the Space Reservation Form is submitted.


Arel Students and Staff: İstanbul Arel University students and staff have the opportunity to borrow much different equipment, including speakers, microphones, and projectors. You can visit the Media Services website for your equipment reservations.


Non-Arel Community Members and External Organizations: If you are not a member of the Arel community or if you are a member of an external organization, you can contact Arel Media Services to discuss the details of your event and get a quote (services such as a microphone, video presentation, photography service, etc.).


Classes: Classes on our campuses vary in form and capacity. All classrooms are equipped with audio-visual technology, including a projector, a projection input and a network jack. It is also possible to request different technological devices according to your needs. Classes can be rented at the following time intervals.


  • During the academic year (September to April): Weekends only
  • Other than during the academic year (May – August): From 08:00 to 17:30 on weekdays.