Communications Office



Directorate of Corporate Communications aims to contribute to our university to express itself correctly in the public, to make scientific, cultural, artistic and sports activities more visible, and to strengthen its brand value and reputation. It determines the entire corporate communication strategy and carries out internal and external organizations for this purpose.


What We Do

  • Strategic public relations activities
  • Value-based communication with the media
  • Effective promotion of our university at the national and international level
  • Managing social media accounts in accordance with the vision and mission
  • Design, content analysis and effective management of all websites of our university
  • Conducting the necessary works on the visual communication design required by our university
  • Creation and management of content of audio and visual channels
  • Ensuring quality and effective content production and management
  • Ensuring the necessary coordination regarding all units within the university
  • Conducting the necessary studies on foreign relations and protocol issues
  • Carrying out all the necessary studies for our candidate students
  • Enhancing the contribution of our university to the highest level by revitalizing the relations with the alumni
  • Developing projects that will strengthen the brand value of our university; ensuring visibility  in the public in accordance with our scientific qualifications by making sponsorship agreements with various institutions


Creative Works

  • Banner ​
  • Business card​
  • Logo works
  • Printed materials (brochures, magazines, catalog flyer, invitations, roll up, flag, venue dressing, billboard etc.) ​
  • Social media visual works
  • Promotional materials​
  • Weekly e-newsletter ​
  • Magazine / Newspaper Advertisement​
  • Web banner – digital screen display works – mailing images


Press and Public Relations

  • Evaluation and execution of event requests from in-house faculties, units, departments and centers
  • Media relations​
  • Advertising planning ​
  • Creation of a weekly e-newsletter​
  • Preparation and sending of internal and external announcement mailings ​
  • Promotion organization ​
  • Production of visual and textual introductory content ​
  • Corporate video, photo shooting and animation ​
  • Web data entry
  • Execution of events, commemorations and celebrations for in-house personnel
  • Providing support to the units at major events such as graduation, orientation, festival ​
  • Conducting organizations for prospective students ​
  • Evaluation and submission of all requests and complaints from units and students ​
  • Distribution of promotional products