Computer Aided Design and Animation



The Goal of the Program

It is aimed to train qualified designers who can create two-dimensional and three-dimensional visual products by combining information technologies and art, perform animated animations, have a high level of professional knowledge and skills, and are needed by the labor market.In addition to theoretical and practical animation, modeling courses, drawing, visual effects, character design and interactive design courses are offered in the program. Thus, it is aimed to train the fully-equipped intermediate personnel that the industry wants in this wide range of courses. They can make original, animated designs, effective visual effects and game designs that meet the needs of the industry by using 2D and 3D design programs.


Job Opportunities

Graduates of Computer-Aided Design and Animation can work with different titles in a very wide field. Our graduates are employed in architectural firms, interior design firms, construction companies, landscape architecture firms, automotive sector, various government agencies, machine manufacturing sector, industrial product manufacturing companies, advertising companies, cinema and TV series industry.

In addition, graduates can also set their own businesses.


Undergraduate Departments that can be transferred with DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam)

  • Cartoon (Animation)
  • Cartoon and Animation
  • Photography and Video
  • Visual Communication
  • Visual Communication Design
  • Visual Arts
  • Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design
  • Graphic
  • Graphic Design
  • Communication Design
  • Communication and Design
  • Communication Design and Media
  • Media and Visual Arts
  • Media and Communication
  • Advertising Design and Communication
  • Advertising
  • Software Engineering
  • New Media
  • New Media and Journalism
  • New Media and Communication