Dean of Students Office



The Dean of Students Office was established in order to support our students with all kinds of needs during their university studies, to ensure healthy communication with the relevant units, to guide their social and individual improvement in our university.


The objective of the Dean of Students Office is to be a unit that all students can easily access, meet, communicate, and that produces solutions to students’ problems or help them produce solutions.


It aims to enable our students to benefit from the opportunities offered by the university, to maximize their individual potential, and to act as the most important component of the university by creating added value on topics such as personal and professional development with the on-site units, adaptation to university life, participation in management, guidance and solution, social and cultural events, active participation in campus life, international experience, social responsibility projects.


Units Affiliated to the Dean of Students Office

Student Clubs and Leadership Office that plays an important role in issues such as students’ individual and social improvement, preparation for life, and self-confidence Istanbul Arel University Psychological Counseling, Guidance Application and Research Center (ARELPDR), which provides free psychological counseling and guidance services for individual, social, academic and professional fields to the students of our university


Barrier Free AREL, which allows individuals to freely use their basic rights and freedoms without getting stuck in any obstacles


Student Rights, Behavior and Arel Standards Office (ARELDAV), established to regulate the rights, privileges, responsibilities and general rules of behavior of students