Dental Prosthetics Technology



The Goal of the Program

The goal of the Dental Prosthesis Technology Program is to train manpower who is sensitive to people, society and ethical principles, respectful to himself and his environment, who gains competence in his profession, aims to continuously improve himself, adopts a scientific way of thinking, who is open to different ideas and cultures, able to work as a Dental Prosthesis Technician in public institutions and private institutions in the health sector and who is equipped with professional knowledge and skills that can assist dentists and carry out laboratory stages.


Job Opportunities

Students graduated from this program can find work in dental prosthetic laboratories created in public institutions such as public hospitals, dental hospitals, university hospital; private laboratories, private organizations, and hospitals. Students who graduate from the program perform laboratory studies of movable, fixed dental and jaw prosthesis applied to the jaw and face area by adhering to the rules required by professional knowledge on the measurement models and records obtained from the patient according to the treatment method planned by the dentist.


Undergraduate Departments that can be transferred with DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam)

  • Management of Medical Institutions
  • Healthcare Management