Department of Anatomy



Anatomy is a branch of science that studies the normal shape of the human body, its structure, the organs that make up the body, and it examines structure-function relationship between these organs.  Anatomy, as one of the basic courses of health sciences, is developing in parallel with the progress of modern medical education and technology.


Our department will conduct the locomotor system (bones, joints and muscles) in Semester 1 of the integrated education programme of Faculty of Medicine, and in Semester 2 of the programme, motion in all other systems outside the system will conduct as a theoretical and practical courses in a topographic manner. In addition, theoretical courses of the Departments of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Nursing, and Nutrition and Dietetics, which provide education within the Faculty of Health Sciences, will also be taught by our Department.


The department of Anatomy was established in 2020 under the structure of Istanbul Arel University Faculty of Medicine. Prof. Dr. Niyazi Acer is serving as Head of the Department.


The faculty has anatomy lab which is used for educational and research purposes by the Department of Anatomy, and this lab includes two cadavers and many human anatomical models such as internal organs, muscle, bone, and brain in it.   Researches, courses and projects, which are related to volume calculation on T1 weighted MR images, data analysis of diffusion tensor images and functional MR images, are carried out within our department.



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