Department of Architecture



An architect is an expert who designs structures taking into account the needs and opportunities of a person and society, as well as oversees their construction.


Its roots appear in professions such as architecture, art, technology, and science, which are among the professions that continue to this day from the first years of the emergence of humanity and the milestone in which it needs shelter, and will not lose its importance in the future.


Architects work together with representatives of other engineering branches such as electrical-electronics, construction, and experts such as city planners and draftsmen in the creation of a building. Therefore, the information to be gained about other disciplines will make the person one step ahead of other colleagues as an added value.


Job Opportunities

Graduates of the Department of Architecture can work in the public and private sector in the design and construction departments. Architects who perform tasks such as designer, controller and implementer in the relevant departments can also carry out public and private sector projects by establishing their own workplaces.


One of the areas where architects can show themselves is national and international project competitions. These competitions can bring various prizes, as well as create new business opportunities.

About the Department