Department of Biophysics



Biophysics is a branch of science that studies the physical basis of biological phenomena and explains the behavior of biological systems with the principles of physics.


Biophysics topics include general biophysics (evaluates physical phenomena such as pressure, current, movement of body systems with the principles of physical science), electro biophysics (explains the interaction of electrical events with the living organism or electrical events produced by the organism),  radiation biophysics (studies the effects of ionizing radiation on biological systems), and molecular biophysics (seeks to understand biomolecular systems and aims to explain biological functioning in terms of molecular structure, structural organization and dynamic behavior).


In our department, experimental neuropathic pain models are established in vivo (diabetic, sciatic nerve injury and chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain models) and in vitro (in dorsal root ganglion neurons obtained by primary cell culture) and studies are carried out to investigate the mechanisms of neuropathic pain in these models and to develop treatments.


Biophysics, which has taken its place among the basic medical sciences courses of medical faculties, is a branch of science that sheds light on clinical applications. We aim to transfer experience and knowledge to our students both theoretically and by conducting experiments in our advanced laboratory where they can work personally.


At İstanbul Arel University, which is a newly founded medical faculty, our main goal is to provide this information to the physicians of the future who think, produce, diagnose and treat correctly, and to train doctors who are beneficial to their country and humanity and who have reached the contemporary civilization drawn by Atatürk.

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