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Department Of Cardiovascular Surgery



The Department of Cardiovascular Surgery is related to the surgical treatment of adult cardiovascular diseases. In addition to open and closed surgical (endovascular) methods, minimally invasive and robotic surgical methods are used. High-risk patients can be treated with a multidisciplinary approach and personalized methods using high technology. Our Department of Cardiovascular Surgery follows and implements all academic and technological studies related to its field, and also conducts studies to raise awareness about cardiovascular health.


Our heart has to be properly maintained and cared for since it is an essential organ. Even little impairments can have a significant impact on the heart, which serves as the circulatory system’s pump. This essential organ pumps blood that brings oxygen to all bodily tissues, immunological and clotting cells, and all molecular nutrients and electrolytes to the arteries—all of which are crucial for human health and survival. By vacuuming blood via the venous system, it also makes sure that metabolic wastes like carbon dioxide and other substances are eliminated from the tissues. Cardiovascular surgery is the general name of the surgeries performed by cardiovascular surgeons on the peripheral vessels as well as the heart and its four major vessels. Blood tests and imaging (such as ECG, echography, cardiac scintigraphy, and coronary angiography) carried out on the patient have made surgical intervention necessary to preserve lives in the event that the condition of the heart or blood arteries cannot be adequately treated with medication or other approaches. Heart rhythm problems, congenital heart anomalies, heart valve diseases, coronary artery disease, heart muscle disease, cardiac tumors, peripheral artery disease, venous insufficiency, varicose vein and deep vein thrombosis are cardiovascular diseases that can be treated surgically. Coronary bypass surgeries, minimally invasive heart surgery (small incision method), robotic heart surgery, hemodialysis access surgery, valve repair and replacements, aortic aneurysms, aortic dissection and surgical treatments of rhythm disorders, varicose vein treatments, heart tumor treatments, peripheral vascular surgery, peripheral invasive procedures (balloon, stent) are surgical methods used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

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