Tıp Fakültesi

Department Of Family Medicine



Family Medicine is a medical profession that provides both preventive and therapeutic health treatments to all children, adolescents, adults, and elderly members of the community . Family physicians are specialists who treat primary diseases such as internal diseases, gynecological (gynecological diseases and obstetrics), pediatric health and diseases, first aid and emergency conditions and mental problems in patients. In addition to therapeutic medicine, their responsibilities in preventive medicine (e.g., vaccination, organization of public health protective services, and informing society) have made family medicine a crucial provider of public health services to the community in developed societies. Family medicine centers are the primary health care units where anyone with a medical concern may seek treatment, and if the family physician deems it is essential, they are referred to the hospital. Family physicians document the health concerns of the people they care for, treat them by doing relevant blood tests, and, if necessary, refer the patient to a higher level health facility.

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