Department of Foreign Languages



In today’s world, where raising global citizens has gained great importance, providing students with foreign language competence has become one of the main goals of every educational institution. Therefore, teaching English as a foreign language gains a special importance. Internationalization is one of the primary strategic goals of Istanbul Arel University.


In this context, the mission of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​is to develop foreign language proficiency of the students in line with international standards by using contemporary, student-centered and innovative teaching programs with a holistic education-teaching approach. For this purpose, the educational activities carried out in the Department are carried out to train students who research, fulfill the requirements of lifelong learning, and who can follow the international literature related to the field of study.


The applied programs focus on the acquisition of basic language skills in such a way as to ensure the use of a foreign language in a communicative dimension, not based on memorization, and ensure the effective participation of students in the learning process.At Istanbul Arel University, students receive 4 lessons of English per week in addition to departmental courses. As part of the content of these courses, students learn terms related to their field, as well as gain information about everyday / business life.


During the courses, online course materials, speech patterns, vocabulary exercises, etc. applications are used. Our goal in English education, which is built on a student-oriented system, is that individuals who are at the graduation stage have proficiency in English reading, writing, listening and speaking.


The educational system implemented at our university is organized in accordance with the standards of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The resources used are provided from internationally recognized and accepted publishing houses in the world. The instructors working at our university are selected from academicians who are competent and have sufficient experience in their fields.


Apart from the course, activities such as speech club and grammar club contribute to the language development of our students. With our rich resources in our library, all facilities are offered to students who want to improve their English. Thanks to our internet-connected smartboards in our classrooms, we can access online resources at any time during the lesson and have the opportunity to conduct an interactive lesson.


Nowadays, knowing a foreign language at an advanced level has become almost equivalent to having a diploma. In particular, the fact that English has become one of the most widely spoken languages in the world has led to the need for people to learn this language in recent years.


Being aware of all these facts, we, as Istanbul Arel University, attach importance to English education and offer all scientific, social and academic opportunities for the future of our students. We invite you to experience this unique learning experience.