Tıp Fakültesi

Department Of Forensic Medicine



The Department of Forensic Medicine is a specialized medical science in which medical information that will ensure the judge makes the correct decision is used with the latest technology by applying medical methods (eg autopsy, blood and organ samples taken in the laboratory, DNA analysis, etc.) in the investigation of legal issues, in other words, crimes brought to court (assaulting, injury, rape, etc.) and medical causes that resulted in death.  Forensic physicians are required to clarify the medical aspects of the incidents, document the medical condition of the victim, the suspect, and other third parties affected by the incident, and ensure that their rights within this scope are protected in judicial investigations opened by the prosecutor’s office, which result in a legal dispute, injury, or death.During the criminal investigation, evidence must be collected and submitted to the prosecutor’s office in line with criminal and civil legislation.  During the forensic investigation process, forensic physicians collect and analyze scientific evidence and report them in line with the law.

About the Department