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Histology is a branch of science that studies the subtle structures of normal cells, tissues and organs that are not visible to the eye. The study and teaching of normal structure is the basis of physiology which deals with the functions that occur at the level of cells and tissues, and also of pathology which is the science of diseased tissue. For this reason, it has an important place in medical education and training.


Embryology is a branch of science that studies, examines and teaches the formation and development of a person in the prenatal period. All developmental events in the period from fertilization to childbirth are the subject of embryology. Human embryology studies the development and functioning of cells, tissues and organs different from the zygote formed by fertilizing the oocyte with sperm, the underlying causes of abnormal development. It clarifies the origins of various pathological phenomena and diseases.


Therefore, Embryology is in close relationship with Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, Genetics and Pathology; and also it is a   a guideline for clinical practice of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Pediatric Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Furthermore, “Assisted Reproductive Technology” used in the treatment of infertility are the field of application of the science of embryology. Significant and rapid developments have been made in this area, especially in recent years. For all these reasons, it is extremely important that the details of the developments taking place in the field of embryology are conveyed to the students.


Istanbul Arel University Faculty of Medicine Department of Histology and Embryology was established in 2020 and Prof. Dr. Meryem ÇAM was assigned as Head of the Department. Dr. Meryem ÇAM atanmıştır. Histology and Embryology education are carried out theoretically and practically in Semester 1 and also in Semester 2.  After the theoretical courses, learning is reinforced with practical courses in which the preparations of the subject are examined under a microscope.


There is a histology laboratory in our faculty, which is used for training and research. There are 40 light microscopes, preparations and embryology models in the laboratory.



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