Faculty of Communication

Department of Journalism



Department of Journalism of our University aims to provide a multidimensional understanding of education and training, and to provide general knowledge that will help them to do the best in the modern economy, industry and profession. In the class schedule of the department of Journalism, special attention is paid to Internet broadcasting and it enables our students to keep up with the age in parallel with the developing communication technologies.


Our experienced faculty members as well as professionals from the media sector transfer their knowledge to our students in our department. Our students, who have the opportunity to get acquainted with the industry and learn the intricacies of the profession by doing an internship in publications, are also guided to specialize in the field of Journalism.


Job Opportunities

Our department, which has adopted the principle of raising the journalist profile required by the media sector, increases the opportunities of our students to find jobs in local and national newspapers as well as publishing and magazine fields after graduation.

About the Department