Department of Medical Biology and Genetics



Department of Medical Biology and Genetics, in the field of life sciences, is a branch of science that provides education and research from the perspective of cell biology, molecular biology and molecular genetics. The aim of Department of Medical Biology is to train physicians who can comprehend the relationship between biological events and molecular mechanisms of diseases, who can use the knowledge gained in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and scientists who can conduct basic / applied scientific research.


The Department of Medical Biology and Genetics was established in 2020, when Istanbul Arel University Faculty of Medicine started its education and training in connection with the Departments of Basic Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine.  Prof. Dr. Hülya YAZICI is serving as Head of the Department.  The “Medical Biology and Genetics” courses and practices teached in the course boards of 1th Grade of Faculty of Medicine are taught by the faculty members of the Department of Medical Biology and Genetics.


There are molecular genetics, protein, imaging and cell culture laboratories within our university that can conduct research. In our laboratories, medical biology and genetics course applications of undergraduate students of the Faculty of Medicine, as well as research on DNA damage, diabetes and cancer genetics are carried out.


Our vision is to become a research centre that train scientists, who contributed to medical science through their researches, by contributing to the training physicians equipped with the skills and knowledge required at national and international level of scientific and technological developments in the field of Medicine.


Our mission is to train physicians and scientists who can comprehend the relationship between biological events at the level of gene and cell and molecular mechanisms of diseases by  following scientific and technological developments, and also who can conduct applied scientific research and can use the data obtained for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment.



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