Tıp Fakültesi

Department Of Medical Genetics



The diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of inherited disorders are under the purview of the profession of medical genetics . Cell biology is a subfield of the biological sciences that focuses on molecular biology and molecular genetics in its research and educational activities.


Our university has labs dedicated to imaging, cell culture, protein, and molecular genetics research. Research on DNA damage, diabetes, cancer genetics, and medical biology and genetics course applications by undergraduate medical faculty students are conducted in our labs.


Our goal is to develop into a center for education and research that can match the caliber of accredited universities worldwide by helping to train medical professionals with the knowledge and abilities needed to keep up with scientific and technological advancements in the field at both the national and international levels, as well as scientists who conduct research that advances medical science.


Our goal is to train doctors and basic scientists who can conduct applied scientific research and apply the knowledge gained to diagnose and treat patients by keeping up with scientific and technological advancements. These scientists and physicians will be able to establish the connection between biological events occurring at the gene and cell level and the molecular mechanisms of diseases.

About the Department