Department of Neurology



İstanbul Arel University Department of Neurology is a regional and international reference center with its academic staff working on headache, epilepsy, movement disorders, stroke and cerebrovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, neuro-oncology, multiple sclerosis and demyelinating diseases, clinical neurophysiology, neuromuscular diseases, peripheral nerve, sleep, emergency neurological diseases.


Theoretical and practical clinical neurology course programs are included in the 5th year of Neurology internship in the Faculty of Medicine before graduation. Students conduct neurology practical lessons with approach and application to the patient with a faculty member in the morning hours every day. In the afternoons, theoretical lessons are taught. In the 3rd year of the Faculty of Medicine, neurological semiology courses are taught in the appropriate committee. In addition, our faculty members have contributions in 2nd year module courses.


All these trainings provide the opportunity to learn all kinds of neurological diagnosis and treatment methods in practice in an environment where the latest and most advanced technologies and methods are used.

About the Department