Faculty of Communication

Department of New Media and Communication



The aim of the department of New Media and Communication is to create a qualified human resource to meet the requirements created by changes and developments in the field of communication. With the support of new communication technologies, competent professionals have been needed in the media sector, especially in social media. Our department aims to train professionals who are equipped to work in this new internet-based communication environment.


Students of the department of New Media and Communication will be able to take courses from a highly diversified selection pool with relevant courses of both our faculty and other faculties in other years after following a common program with other departments of our faculty in the first year. Our students will be able to turn to technical or theoretical courses in accordance with their interests. They will be able to specialize in the theory, research or application areas of the communication discipline.


They will provide the necessary infrastructure for the production, distribution and procurement processes of the communication process from an interdisciplinary perspective. Courses will be processed interactively in technically equipped classrooms and laboratories.


It is aimed that graduates of this department will be educated with both a solid theoretical background and a quality that will master new technologies. The era in which we live is called the “Information Age”. The need for media leaders – competent communication specialists who implement, manage and evaluate communication processes in many areas ranging from the private sector to government agencies, from the education sector to non-governmental organizations is increasing day by day.


Our graduates are candidates to become the key media professionals of this age. By using the latest communication technologies effectively, they will be able to work in all areas of the media sector that is growing every day, as well as be candidates for academicians with skills in analyzing communication processes. They will start their careers as communicators who are aware of social and technological transformations, know and apply the evolving dynamics of the digital world.


An active and participatory educational process awaits our students where they can arm themselves with new knowledge about the field and use their creativity.


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