Department of Public Health



With organized social studies, public health attempts to enhance environmental health conditions, prevent infectious diseases, and maintain and promote a healthy life for each individual by providing early disease diagnosis and treatment. It is a field of study that seeks to protect people from diseases, improve their physical and mental health, and improve their quality of life, as well as raise their working and generating power in society.


Our department’s goal is to graduate Istanbul Arel University Faculty of Medicine General Practitioners (Family Physicians) and Public Health Specialists with knowledge and skills in public health philosophy and practices, who are aware of health issues and capable of coming up with solutions; to participate in research projects aimed at raising the standard of living and health of the populace; and to further the field of public health science in Turkey.


The Department of Public Health is within the Department of Internal Medical Sciences. In the integrated education program of the Faculty of Medicine, Semesters 1, 2 and 3 are carried out as theoretical and practical education. In addition, it organizes the training in Family Health Centers during the 6th period (internship and family medicine period).


Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning (MPSAP-Family Health), Basic Health Services, Fighting Infectious Diseases and Immunization (Vaccination Programs) and Migration and Disasters are the main areas of interest.



Faculty Members:

Prof.Dr. A. Ferdane Oguzoncul (Head of Department)

Prof.Dr. Ayse Yuksel

About the Department