Department of Software Engineering



The aim of the Software Engineering undergraduate program, which is taught in English, is to train Software Engineers who can perform their profession nationally and internationally, and who are competent in meeting the needs of the industry, equipped with all aspects, by transferring basic engineering knowledge with contemporary education methods. Our students, who will be brought together with advanced technology laboratory opportunities, will be provided with the opportunity to actively work in the software industry during their education.


In this direction, the main goal is to train Software Engineers who are equipped with scientific and social skills, can follow the next level of education, have critical thinking and leadership skills in the environments in which they will work, can provide interdisciplinary cooperation, have managerial characteristics, and can produce innovative and original solutions. It is a fact that Software Engineers have an important share in almost every field of advanced and new technology production, which is indisputably the direct determinant of economy and social welfare in our age. This is an important advantage for Software Engineers who will graduate (especially in terms of employment).


The field of Software Engineering has matured under Computer Engineering studies. However, with the development of scope and application areas of software processes, the need to continue its studies as a separate field has arisen today. In the field of Computer Engineering, studies on hardware and electronics of computer systems are carried out intensively. Software engineering studies include determining the requirements related to software processes, realizing designs, conducting development studies, performing necessary tests and developing software systems that can respond to user needs in the most efficient way.


Working areas

Our Software Engineers,

– Will be able to work in information technologies, engineering, consultancy and R&D staffs of national or international companies

– Will be able to take part in original research activities in graduate programs of universities in Turkey or abroad, lead national or international software projects.

– Will be able to establish IT companies by using their entrepreneurial skills and contribute to our country’s employment and economy with high added value.

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