Department of Turkish Language



Language is an advanced system whose basic material is shaped sound, which is extremely complex, but at the same time works with a set of rules that are consistent within itself. Everything abstract and concrete that exists in the universe is contained in this string.


In order to speak and write well in a language, it is necessary to know and apply the principles contained in that language. Turkish, one of the oldest languages in the world, which has been filtered down centuries ago and has come down to the present day, also has various rules like every language. These rules for sounds, words and sentences constitute the indispensable principles of Turkish.


The correct and good use of Turkish depends, first of all, on knowing these rules exactly. In addition, it is necessary to know the basic features, the forms of expression and the types of expression carried by oral or written expression. The Turkish language, which dates back to ancient times, has never lost its core values ​​and has undergone only natural changes, is the most perfect of the living languages.


Compulsory Turkish Language course is offered to all associate and undergraduate students in our university in the first two semesters of their education. The Department of Turkish Language was established in order to provide and coordinate these courses depending on the Rectorate. Our courses are offered through the Distance Education System.


Our department aims to educate individuals who own the Turkish language and who can speak and write Turkish in the best way with the Turkish Language courses they give. As a department, we congratulate all our students and their valuable families who are eligible to study at Istanbul Arel University and wish them a continued success.