Aims and Objectives



Aims of the Department

  • To have basic knowledge and scientific understanding of visual communication design principles, design rules, aesthetics, visual culture within the scope of the field of communication,
  • To be able to utilize digital forms in the design phase, to know the basic dynamics of sub-fields such as photography, computer, broadcast design, cyber culture, artificial intelligence, graphic design, multimedia design, desktop publishing, animation, cinema and advertising design, typography, video, communication sociology, user experience,
  • Following technology closely and having the ability to use new communication technologies,
  • To be able to observe global, social, cultural, scientific and professional ethical values and to continuously improve themselves in these areas,
  • Adopt social responsibility and benefit in their professional practices,
  • Have a critical point of view,
  • To be able to apply the professional competencies and skills gained between visual communication design and the fields related to this discipline,
  • Have a multidisciplinary approach and be open to innovation,
  • To train qualified visual communication design professionals who attach importance to research and development in line with current needs and who can blend theoretical knowledge with both individual and collective practice.


Goals of the Department

  • To provide support in their continuous evolution within the framework of technological, social and cultural changes.
  • To help them establish effective visual communication with the basic principles and elements of design.
  • To gain the ability to think and design with traditional and new media, theories and methods.
  • To enable them to communicate effectively and efficiently by using technologies in a visual environment. – To teach planning, organizing and executing the application stages with innovative, researcher and entrepreneurial consciousness.
  • To give students a sense of social and ethical responsibility, the ability to communicate with their environment, and a desire for continuous learning.
  • To provide the opportunity to work as a visual communication designer in all sectors related to advertising, print and visual media, internet, graphics and cinema in career plans.
  • To gain the ability to use computer-aided designs in audiovisual media, internet publishing, social media.

About the Department