Program Outcomes



Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:


  • Define concepts based on advanced theoretical and/or practical knowledge in the field of communication.
  • Recognize the basic principles and elements of advanced design required by visual communication.
  • Defines concepts related to art culture and aesthetics at a basic level.
  • Understands the interdisciplinary issues related to the related art field.
  • Integrates theory and practice and applies them to design processes.
  • Applies methods and techniques related to the field of visual art and design.
  • Uses interpretation and presentation skills based on analysis.
  • Selects the tools to be used in modern technology within the scope of visual design applications.
  • Applies scientific research and development studies for applications in the field of visual communication design.
  • Designs two and three dimensional modeling in computer environment.
  • Understands the aesthetic rules of design.
  • Takes responsibility individually or as a team member in the execution of complex and unpredictable activities encountered in applications related to the field.
  • Carries out an advanced study related to the field independently.
  • Manages activities for the development of employees under his/her responsibility within the framework of a project.
  • Takes risk and responsibility in the realization of knowledge, ideas, practices or technologies that bring innovation to the field.
  • Recognizes risks and opportunities related to personal, professional and/or work area.

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