Department of Visual Communication Design



Visual Communication Design is a department related to visual design and production aimed at improving the ability to see and perceive. In the department, introductory courses in social sciences and applied courses are integrated. At the same time, technology and aesthetics create a dynamic environment in an interactive form.


The department realizes dreams in printed interactive dynamic design environments. It covers the fields of art and design such as magazine, newspaper, poster and corporate identity in the written press, visual media, graphics, animation, visual impact, web design, multimedia design.


The visual communication design department raises creative thinking while improving aesthetic perception. The department is designed for visual communicators who can convert it to effective visual messages using visual language.


It aims to educate individuals that renew themselves with the rise of design ability today which is easier to access information and technology, that can produce creative design solutions and combine multimedia dynamics with creativity.


Students are provided with theoretical information about mass media, as well as practical skills in the context of visual design. The department attaches importance to the industry-university cooperation with an equipped infrastructure.


Job Opportunities

Graduates of the department can carry out their studies in agencies, print or digital publications, public organizations and private companies in environments such as offices, studios, depending on the nature of the work.


Visual communication designers work as members of a team and produce their designs on their own. However, they are in communication with employers and other teammates during the implementation of their designs.

About the Department