Editorial Affairs


  • To follow and direct the flow of incoming and outgoing documents through EBYS (Electronic Document Management System) from within and outside the institution on behalf of the Rectorate,
  • To follow up the registered electronic mail (REM) and electronic notification (e-notification) transactions sent and received on behalf of the University,
  • To support the General Secretary  to forward the incoming letters to the relevant units according to their subjects,
  • To ensure the establishment of correspondence standards by closely following the legal legislation and technology while conducting business and transactions,
  • To plan and direct workflows in accordance with productivity principles,
  • To ensure that file plans are created electronically according to the Prime Ministry Circular No. 2005/7 on the Standard File Plan and that documents are archived according to the coding system,
  • To ensure that the necessary actions are taken by following the appointment of members of the Board of Trustees, Executive Board of Trustees, Senate and Board of Directors of the University,
  • Preparing the meeting agendas of the University Audit Board, the University Board of Directors, the Senate, the Board of Trustees and the Executive Board, writing and preserving the decisions in accordance with the law,
  • To manage the Communications Center of the Presidency (CIMER) account and prepare the requested statistics,
  • To prepare an annual report of the answers given to the petitions received within the scope of Right to Information Act and submit it to the Presidency of the Council of Higher Education,
  • To follow the transfer of reports and questionnaires requested by Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) to the relevant unit by the General Secretariat and to ensure their completion,
  • To follow the process of preparing, revising and publishing regulations and guidelines,
  • To prepare the Provincial Briefing Plan requested by the Governorship of Istanbul and the District Governorship.
  • To follow up the unit correspondence codes of the newly established or closed units in the Prime Ministry State Organization Database (DETSIS- KAYSIS) system and to make the necessary notifications for adaptation to the EBYS integration,
  • To learn about petitions made to the university and to direct or answer when necessary.
  • To provide support to the administrative and academic units of our university on archiving, preservation, etc. of official documents within the scope of the Higher Education Council Archive Regulation.
  • Within the scope of Law No. 6698 on the Personal Data Protection Law, prepare the PDP inventory related to the unit in the processing of personal data with the PDP Officer, regulate the obligations and rules to be applied, to take the necessary measures and measures.
  • To perform other duties assigned by the General Secretary.