Electrical and Electronics Lab


Electrical Electronics Lab Test Regulation

  • No food or drink should definitely be brought into the laboratory.
  • The laboratory should definitely not be entered before the arrival of the instructor.
  • The computer belonging to the instructor should definitely not be used without the permission of the instructor.
  • Those who have taken the laboratory course in previous years and have continued will not participate in the in-year studies, but will instead take notes accordingly the studies they do different in-year studies. Midterm and final exams are common for all students. If there is a student who has already taken the course and is continuing, but wants to repeat the class, he/she should inform at the beginning of the semester.
  • Seriousness and attention are essential during the experiment. Since the work is done with mains voltage in the experiments, damage may occur due to mistakes. The student is responsible for the damage caused by the work done without the permission of the supervisor or the experiments to be carried out outside the subject of the experiment.
  • Do not speak loudly in the laboratory.
  • Students should arrive 5 minutes early for the experiment. Late arrivals will not be taken into the experiment. Those who do not finish the experiment on time will minus point (-).
  • Laboratories should be kept clean and orderly.
  • When the course is over, leave the laboratory by leaving the tools used orderly.