Engineering Management Program



Engineering Management is the management of activities in which engineering and applied sciences are used. Engineering Management is aimed at engineers who are in a position to make strategic and operational decisions about current and future technologies. Engineering Management is aimed at increasing efficiency, quality and global competitiveness, maintaining the technological level, creating new business areas. Engineering Management is a discipline between Industrial Engineering and Social Sciences.


The Engineering Management Master’s Program at Istanbul Arel University, created by combining knowledge, techniques and skills in Industrial Engineering and Business Administration, takes into account the environment, quality and ethical values ​​and aims to enable organizations to achieve their goals. In line with this purpose, our mission is to teach the necessary approaches and methods for the design, production, management and continuous improvement of systems based on human, machine, money, time, information and energy.


At the same time, Engineering Management Master’s Program equips individuals with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and science with the skills and knowledge to manage and lead engineering projects efficiently and effectively. This program assists engineers who want to advance their careers by providing knowledge on basic engineering management issues. In addition to general management problems, the program also includes special information necessary to solve engineering and technology problems with numerical methods. Participants in this program gain the leadership, planning, organizing and decision-making competencies required by managerial positions in businesses.


In the Engineering Management Master’s Program, the fields of science, which are

  • Mathematical Modeling and Operations Research
  • Logistics
  • Management Information Systems
  • Manufacturing Engineering,

Master’s Degree (Thesis / Non-thesis) education is provided.