English Preparatory School





Istanbul Arel University conducts its education and instruction in English for a wide array of departments and programs. To ensure students’ effective participation in classes, a requisite level of English proficiency is essential. At the commencement of each academic year, a proficiency/level determination exam is administered to all students. Based on the results of this exam, students whose English language proficiency is below the level required to comprehend courses in associate’s/bachelor’s degree programs continue in the English Preparatory Program until their language skills attain the requisite proficiency.


The English Preparatory Program of Istanbul Arel University offers a robust language education designed to equip students with a proficient command of the English language that will enable them to pursue their future academic endeavors. This program achieves its goal through a skilled educational faculty deeply engaged with students, employing contemporary teaching methodologies. The emphasis is on cultivating a strong foundation of English language skills, ensuring students are well-prepared for their upcoming academic pursuits.


The objective of the English Preparatory Program is to equip our students with the necessary language skills to excel in their academic endeavors, enabling them to proficiently express themselves and engage in knowledge exchange across various contexts where English serves as a means of communication.


In today’s context where English proficiency is as vital as a university diploma, our English Preparatory Program represents an opportunity for our students. We take great pleasure in providing education and collaborating with our students within this program.