Faculty of Communication



Dear Students,

Communication is one of the most ancient efforts of a person who is trying to maintain his existence, to question, to add meaning to it. Communication has always expressed a vital value for a person who is trying to understand the social system in which s/he is involved, adapt to it, change it, meet the basic needs by establishing organic bonds with it.


Communication, which we cannot think of independently of the social context, space, time, power relations, and economic activities, has acquired important functions in different dimensions, with different tools and intermediaries in every era, every age, and every geography. Its dimensions, meaning, significance have constantly changed depending on technological, political, economic development and transformations.


It is necessary to have a certain level of communication skills in order to design, plan and produce the most advanced technologies, the most vital products and services, and to announce them to a wide audience, create demand, and deliver them.  Otherwise, it will not be possible to transfer the works of art, literary and scientific texts that are considered to be the common heritage of humanity to the next generations, to bring them to different cultures, to create awareness about different dimensions of life, to offer different frameworks.


Communication is decisive for civilization and almost everything about society and individuals lose all sense in the absense of it; therefore, it is required to be deemed  as academic field, to be examined, to conduct the studies according to sciencific principles in a systematic way with certain methods an techniques.


Istanbul Arel University Faculty of Communication, which was founded in 2007 considering that communication has an ontological value in terms of communities, groups, organizations, individuals, is consist of 5 departments in total which are Journalism, Cinema and Television, Public Relations and Advertising, New Media and Communication, Visual Communication Design. It stands on by increasing its physical and the intellectual capacity increasing day by day and by reshaping itself according to the conditions of the day, technological advances, social demands.


It makes us happy to see you among us on this journey and gives us strength.


Prof. Dr. Ayhan BIBER
Dean of the Faculty of Communication