Message From Dean



Dear Students,


The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, located in the Kemal Gözükara – Tepekent campus in Istanbul, produces knowledge, can make and implement correct and rational decisions, is an entrepreneur, democrat, respectful of human rights and able to think objectively, analysis and synthesis with its education and research activities in 10 different departments. It is our mission to continue to raise individuals who have self-confidence, have a universal culture.


Our departments include; Finance and Banking, Aviation Management, Business Administration (English), Business Administration (Turkish), Accounting and Finance Management, Political Science and Public Administration, International Trade and Finance (English), International Relations, Logistics Management, Management Information Systems.


Our faculty, which acts with the aim of educating our students as individuals equipped with industry and information society, creates a potential power that can have a say in the economy and politics of both Turkey and the world. In order to contribute to the potential power, it serves with a strong academic staff and institutional infrastructure with national and international connections.


Dear Students, when you take your first step to our Faculty, your four-year educational journey will start a big change in your life. Nothing will ever be the same again. We offer many opportunities and possibilities to prepare you for a strong future. For example studying abroad with exchange agreements signed with the world’s leading universities within the framework of the Erasmus+ program. You can find the opportunity to get to know and experience different cultures by developing friendships with our international students studying at our faculty. By participating in double major and minor programs, you can get the opportunity to receive interdisciplinary education and to have a double degree with a double major program.


You can reinforce your strong theoretical education and training in accordance with the requirements of the business world. In this context, we have created Advisory Boards for you and made University-Industry cooperation protocols. We created brand courses prepared within the framework of the synergy created with the leaders of the business world and academia. With various events such as national and international events, seminars, workshops and conferences, we enable you to follow the developments in both the sector and the academic life.


Cultural and artistic activities, sports opportunities, continuing education center and student clubs will contribute to your personal development. These activities will improve your sense of social responsibility, support you in creating the values that make you who you are, and bring you closer to your dreams.


You are the future of our country and the world and you are very valuable to us. Welcome to our family, wishing to walk together to the point where your dreams will become real.


Prof. Dr. Harun Demirkaya

Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences