Faculty of Fine Arts



Dear Students of Arts,

Istanbul Arel University’s Faculty of Fine Arts, added to the education network of the Kemal Gözükara Education and Culture Foundation in the 2008-2009 academic year, has adopted a student-centered education that aims to raise creative, intellectual and enthusiastic professionals who can meet the requirements of both graphic design and fashion and textile sectors, create an applicable or consumable product and combine modernism, novelty and originality with their education. In accordance with this aim, students are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to improve their individual dispositions, uncover their hidden potentials such as creativity, innovativeness and constructiveness and produce creative and authentic designs.


Since the art, which is an important means of establishing the lost unity between the finite humanity and infinite universe, possesses a core and quality that extends to our inner values, the identification and teaching of the boundaries of its features is directly related to the development of an ideal educational program that can meet the requirements of the current era.  Art and design education is fundamentally concerned with raising individuals who research, ask questions and seek answers, examine each problem and find solutions, possess critical thinking skills, contribute to the cultural and artistic development of Turkey and who are aware that active learning is not only limited to the formal education. Based on this idea, we, who set out with the experienced education staff of our country, have taken it as a task to create the ideal conditions for contemporary art and design education; we believe that our students should learn the immutable main principles of art, acquire the necessary experience in the education process and through life-long continuous exercises, and continue their art and design studies in total freedom of thought and expression. We are aspiring to improve our understanding of contemporary education in accordance with national and international dynamics.


In the structuring of our faculty, as of the beginning, it is aimed to provide art and design education under two undergraduate departments: Graphic DesignFashion and Textile Design. In the very near future, we are planning to open new undergraduate and graduate programs that will meet the needs, to the extent that the cyclical structure of our country foresees, and to make the Kemal Gözükara and Sefaköy campuses the centers of culture and art.


Our faculty continues its development by crowning the Graphic Design undergraduate education with the Master’s and Proficiency in Art, and the Fashion and Textile Design undergraduate education with the Master’s Program.


The medium of instruction of our faculty in which there is no Preparatory Program is Turkish. However, it should also be remembered that in the century we are in, a foreign language is an important condition of art and design education. Being aware of this, our programs are conducted with a foreign language-supported system.


The Faculty also offers students the opportunity to obtain a certificate or diploma in a different field by completing a double major or minor program.

You are invited to visit us here at İstanbul Arel University to see what our Faculty has to offer. What you will see and experience there will play an important role in shaping your future.

It is our greatest desire to see you among us as Arel students.


Prof. Dr. Hüseyin GUN
Acting Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts