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Aims and Objectives of the Program

Child Development




The aim of Istanbul Arel University Department of Child Development is to be able to make the developmental diagnosis and developmental follow-up of children with typical development in the 0-18 age range, who are sick, at risk, and with special needs. Furthermore, our Department’s aim is to plan, implement and evaluate an appropriate developmental support program by taking into consideration the needs and characteristics of the child and family. Moreover, it is our goal to graduate child development professionals who can guide families, professionals and society, are contemporary, innovative and have high professional competence in their fields.



Our educational work and objectives for our students;


  1. Enable children (typically developing, at-risk children, sick and special needs children) to perform developmental screening, assessment and diagnosis and to develop tools to evaluate children’s development.
  2. Prepare programs based on the developmental appropriateness approach to support the development of children and to improve their application skills.
  3. Gain the competencies to monitor/follow the development of children, and to provide counseling with child-oriented family-centered practices (families, professionals, institutions, organizations) in line with the needs of the child.
  4. Gain the competence to develop himself with scientific studies in his field, to use technological and scientific methods and techniques, to produce and implement projects for the benefit of children and families.
  5. Take responsibility for the best interests of children and families in all parts of the society, to develop the awareness to be loyal to these responsibility and ethical principles in practice, internship and social responsibility projects, taking into consideration the professional ethical principles of their roles and functions.
  6. Adopt an eclectic approach that protects and defends the rights of children and families at national and international level.

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