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Child Development



Mission: Our mission is to educate “Child Developers” who assist in need of protection, living in the institution, working, refugee and criminal children, inpatient/outpatient children, who define their development in psycho-motor, cognitive, language, social-emotional and self-care areas by adding their observations based on scientific and current tools, professional knowledge and experiences, who can make the developmental evaluation of the child, who theoretically and practically provide services to the child, family, other professional professionals and society by taking into consideration the characteristics and needs of the child and the family, who have lifelong education and self-development skills, who are respectful of human rights, who adhere to the principles of Atatürk, who are contemporary, professional and scientifically competent.


Vision: Our vision is to educate contemporary-innovative child developers who can evaluate social changes and transfer them to the field of practice/study within the framework of human rights in education and training environments where scientific, environmental, social and technological development are taken into account and human values are taken into consideration as a priority.

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