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Child Development



The vision of İstanbul Arel University, Department of Child Development is to train contemporary-innovative child development professionals who can evaluate social changes and transfer them to the field of practice/work within the framework of human rights, in educational and training environments where scientific, environmental, social, technological development is taken into consideration and human values are prioritized.


The mission of our department is to train individuals who define the psycho-motor, cognitive, language, social-emotional and self-care development of children between the ages of 0-18 with typical development, special needs, in need of protection, living in institutions, working, refugee and criminal children, inpatient / outpatient treatment in hospitals by adding observations based on data obtained from scientific and up-to-date tools, professional knowledge and experience. In addition, our department aims to train “Child Developers” who can make the developmental evaluation of the child, theoretically and practically, taking into account the characteristics and needs of the child and family, providing services to the child, family, other professionals and society with developmental, educational and special support programs, taking into account the best interests of the child, lifelong education and training and self-education and development skills, respect for human rights, adhering to Atatürk’s principles, contemporary, professional and competent in the scientific field.


The skills our students will have when they graduate;

  • Make developmental screening, evaluation and diagnosis for the development of children (children with typical development, children at risk, sick children and children with special needs),
  • Develop tools for assessing children’s development,
  • Create and implement programs based on developmental appropriateness approach to support children’s development,
  • Make developmental monitoring / follow-up of children,
  • Provide consultancy to families, professionals, institutions, organizations with child-oriented family-centered practices (families, professionals, institutions, organizations) in line with the needs of the child,
  • Produce projects,
  • Take responsibility for the best interests of children and families in all segments of society and fulfill their roles and functions by considering professional ethical principles,
  • Use technological, scientific methods and techniques,
  • Adopt an eclectic approach that protects and defends the rights of children and families at national and international level.


Our department curriculum is prepared within the framework of the criteria of the National Core Curriculum for Undergraduate Education in Child Development (ÇUÇEB) and includes basic courses to support the knowledge and skills of our students, theoretical courses for typical development, hospitals, special education areas. It offers observation, practice and internship opportunities in various institutions such as hospitals, municipalities, special education and rehabilitation centers, preschool education institutions and libraries that increase their professional competencies. In addition, our students are encouraged to take an active role in scientific studies and to participate in student congresses to improve themselves and to write and carry out projects.


Working areas of our graduates;

  • Various ministries (Ministry of Family and Social Policies, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Development)
  • Private and public hospitals, health institutions (Family Health Centers etc.)
  • Education institutions
  • Special education and rehabilitation institutions
  • Guidance Research Centers
  • Civil society organizations
  • International organizations
  • Universities
  • Family counseling centers
  • Child development centers
  • Libraries
  • National and international projects
  • Publishers


Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Hale DERE ÇİFTÇİ


About the Department